Acquisition And Retention, The Codependent Friends

To build traction, then growth for your service, acquiring early customers is the natural path to follow. But sustainability in any business does not come only by bringing in more and more customers in the store. What you need are loyal customers that trust your service and come again after their first purchase. Continue reading →


Analytics around User Experience and User Happiness are keys to improve Conversion Rates and improve Customer Retention.

Every Interaction a Visitor or User has with your service get in count in the Appreciation and the User Adoption he will have with your service: The Context in which he gets on your platform, his Customer Expectations, the Recommendations he may have heard, the First Impression you give, his ease to find his way through your pages (your Product Usability) and your Features to his goal, the Customer Support he receives…

Measuring User Experience is what makes you able to Improve User Experience, by defining goals and priority for your UX strategy. From the Audience Behavior and the Usage Tracking, you can learn what performs great, or less on your service, and iterate to Improve the User Experience delivered. Being able to monitor UX (UX Tracking) implies to work on several data sets: Usage Data (Session Data) and User Data (Customer Data).

Check out how UX Analytics helps define your next Product Evolution with Data, make a good first impression to your visitors or even make your service go viral.

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