A road trip for a roadmap: self market validation and MVP case study

There’s always some momentum in the creation and launch of a company when you need to ask yourself the right questions & make the right decisions. Those that will define your initial execution plan and, ultimately, that would lead you to be or not to be at the right time and at the right place with the right solution.

 We’re getting closer to launch Onbrowse in open beta. Today I’m about to share with you our own case study of how we are getting there, hoping that it can be instructive and helpful!

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5 Ways To Get Qualitative Feedback From Your Existing Users

More than ever, and less than tomorrow, the User is at the center of every product strategy. Start-ups apply lean (for instance, or product thinking, ..) iterative strategies to make decisions and define priorities for their roadmap. Success in product development comes from the ability to solve one problem people encounter, in a specific market, and keep sticking with the needs and expectations of these people – that change in time. To achieve this, Continue reading →

Why you should invest in User Testing now!

Roadmap in hands, product at an advanced stage, you’re almost ready to launch. Your product team did the hard work, marketing is ready to tell stories, internal tests have been performed …

But the question remain : will it delight your customers and eventually bring the ROI you expect?

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Product Research helps Entrepreneurs to define and find their Product/Market Fit, which is a key to success in Product Development.

Having a good Product/Market Fit is a challenge for every Entrepreneur. It means offering a Product which can satisfy a market – by solving the actual problem these people in this market face, and would pay for. Product/Market Fit can be explained with two assumptions: 

  • a perfect product with great execution is useless if no one use it
  • a perfect business idea that solve an actual problem is pointless if the product is poorly developed and can’t really solve this problem

Product Development is conducted with lean or design thinking strategies, which must be nurtured by qualitative Product Research to give competitive advantages to your product, alongside with a User Testing Strategy for UI Optimization.

Product Research helps Entrepreneurs to make relevant Product decisions on features to be implemented in the product. It relies on Product Testing, Customer Feedback (read our cheat sheet: 5 ways to get qualitative feedback from your existing users), Analytics, and even Faith

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