A Common Point Between UX Design and Politics : Irresolvable Problems.

Politics attempts to address irresolvable problems. Problems which cannot be solved by a definitive solution; any such solution would inevitably be imperfect. This might be because it cannot satisfy all parties, cannot scale to an infinite extent, or cannot remain stable over time in a changing context. Mindsets, visions, and issues internal and external evolve, rendering the problems we attempt to address through politics irresolvable.

I have often considered UX designers as people tackling irresolvable problems too. For many, Continue reading →

Creating UI With The Right Mindset

After you’ve been working so much on convincing them, when people surrender and finally incorporate your product or service in their lives, you can guess that they will have high expectation from it.

In the last years, our lives changed irreversibly with the introduction of various technologies, applications and services that made our everyday functioning easier, more pleasant. Our thirst for information and productivity “on-the-go” as well as in front of a computer grew exponentially. Continue reading →


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