Designing Interfaces For Multiple Devices And Diverse Users

The process of designing interfaces for multiple devices in today’s age of technological advancement proves to be a challenge at every step.

People will use your product on a variety of devices – from mobile phones, to laptops, tablets, desktop computers, etc. Designing something that can be fully functional on any device can be a taxing process, but it is a necessary one, which can be extremely rewarding in the end both for you and (especially) your users, if done right. Continue reading →


Usability in Software/Web Development is a concept that defines jointly the ease of use, the enjoyment, and the effectiveness to perform an action, for people using a Service.

Those factors define how your users appreciate to use the service, and may have important business consequences:

  • Low Adoption, high Churn if the Usability is poor
  • Satisfaction, Customer Retention is the Usability is good.

In UX Strategies, working to improve Usability require to be able to determine how Users actually use the service, thanks to Usability Testing for example, Analytics, or several techniques to collect feedback.

Read: 5 ways to get qualitative feedback from your existing users.

Thanks to this feedback & those insights, Product Owners and UX Designers are able to nurture their product roadmap and work with UI Designers to gradually improve the Usage of their features and the Conversion rates on their funnels.

Our articles give inspiration, best-practices and techniques to improve the Usability of your Product.

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