UI and UX, Why A Difference?

We often meet people who wonder about the difference between UI and UX.

It is easy to get them mixed up, after all they almost always go hand-in-hand even though they are done by different parts of the development team. Their design process differs, and so does the end result.

By having a better grasp on these professions and what makes them unique and crucial for your product you have a higher chance of creating a product that your users will love.

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Do You Need A UX Designer?

Today, a UX designer is quite as much accountable for the success -or not- of a product than his/her mate CPO or product owner. They share responsibility to build a useful, usable, enjoyable and engaging product.

If you read our articles for a while, you know that you will have to think about hiring a UX designer one day. 

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UX tools: A Map of User Journey Optimization Tools

“What is User Experience?” – The problem with this question is that you cannot answer in a short and exhaustive statement. Different interlocutors will give different answers and definitions. Even for us at Onvey it is sometimes tricky to talk about user experience to our peers in product development, because the concept is sufficiently large so everyone can consider different factors, disciplines and solutions in it.

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What is UX and why should you care about it?

Do you remember the last time you waited in an annoying long line, just to get your morning coffee? Or that time that your cable got cut down, right in the middle of your favorite show?

This is actually a time, when you experienced a case of “bad user experience” and probably the reason you are not going back to that coffee place again.

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User Experience is first the entirety of the interactions a User will have with a Service. But it is used in our industries mostly to describe the discipline or science that aim to build a favourable conceptual and technical environment for its Users.

When someone interacts with your service, several factors get in count to determine if he will have a good or bad experience with it. His personal context, but also the context he gets in, the recommendations he had from relatives, his ability and ease or not to accomplish what he was expects to do, the interactions he will have with you, etc.

Building such an environment is a multi-disciplinary job, requiring to manage numerous skills and techniques: Analytics, Feedback Collection, Usability Testing (User Research), UI design …

Our pick of articles to start with this topic:

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