Customer Experience explained to your friends: the restaurant metaphor

We concede it: you do not need to tell all your friends what Customer Experience is. However, we wrote this post because lots of people ask around us, including many in the process of launching a business online [Ed. Note: it usually comes when we tell we are building an analytics software for User Experience]. Our idea with this article is to make Customer Experience more comprehensible to everyone working on his own business (online or offline), by transposing situations people may experience in their everyday life, to the online world. Continue reading →

What is UX and why should you care about it?

Do you remember the last time you waited in an annoying long line, just to get your morning coffee? Or that time that your cable got cut down, right in the middle of your favorite show?

This is actually a time, when you experienced a case of “bad user experience” and probably the reason you are not going back to that coffee place again.

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