The Customer Of Tomorrow

Customers always wanted custom-made products and tailored service. That said, today’s customer is quite the same as the customer of the XIXth and the XXth century. The mass production and tech advancements make the difference today: mass production is making products cheaper and tech is making them customizable.

Moreover, widespread use of mobile devices results in new customer habits where apps and services are available for installation and use on the go. What does it mean in terms of customer behavior, sentiment, and habits? Continue reading →

Build Trust In Your Company, Not Your Product

Brand awareness and brand recognition are business-critical when developing your online service. Because it allows enterprises to build trust in the overall business operation, not only trust in a single service or product. This approach should be adopted by both startups in their early stages of development and online services that already count paid subscribers. Continue reading →

A road trip for a roadmap: self market validation and MVP case study

There’s always some momentum in the creation and launch of a company when you need to ask yourself the right questions & make the right decisions. Those that will define your initial execution plan and, ultimately, that would lead you to be or not to be at the right time and at the right place with the right solution.

 We’re getting closer to launch Onbrowse in open beta. Today I’m about to share with you our own case study of how we are getting there, hoping that it can be instructive and helpful!

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