A Common Point Between UX Design and Politics : Irresolvable Problems.

Politics attempts to address irresolvable problems. Problems which cannot be solved by a definitive solution; any such solution would inevitably be imperfect. This might be because it cannot satisfy all parties, cannot scale to an infinite extent, or cannot remain stable over time in a changing context. Mindsets, visions, and issues internal and external evolve, rendering the problems we attempt to address through politics irresolvable.

I have often considered UX designers as people tackling irresolvable problems too. For many, Continue reading →

Exploiting People’s Frustration, Curiosity, And Propensity For Trashing

Delivering a pleasant navigation for every single visitor on your website, printing your message in any visitor’s mind after just a few second is a real performance every website owner should in-fine be expecting from his service.

Expecting the diversity of people that will visit your website, and the small amount of attention and time they will have to devote you, making such Continue reading →

Designing Interfaces For Multiple Devices And Diverse Users

The process of designing interfaces for multiple devices in today’s age of technological advancement proves to be a challenge at every step.

People will use your product on a variety of devices – from mobile phones, to laptops, tablets, desktop computers, etc. Designing something that can be fully functional on any device can be a taxing process, but it is a necessary one, which can be extremely rewarding in the end both for you and (especially) your users, if done right. Continue reading →

Why you should invest in User Testing now!

Roadmap in hands, product at an advanced stage, you’re almost ready to launch. Your product team did the hard work, marketing is ready to tell stories, internal tests have been performed …

But the question remain : will it delight your customers and eventually bring the ROI you expect?

Performing User Testing will tell you! Continue reading →